Owner and Lead Stylist

David was drawn to hairdressing because of the visual, tactical and creative outlet it provides. An artist at heart, David loves manifesting his client’s vision into reality they can feel good about. David has years of training and experience that he doesn’t brag about, but we will. David travelled for three professional product manufacturers teaching other hairdressers about cutting & styling skills at large trade shows, and forecasting hair trends for the future. David’s co-workers describe him as a fine French baguette: crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. He loves the freedom of breaking rules and creating innovative style for his valued clients, many who consider him a trusted friend after years of service. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping and is known to be a phenomenal cook.


Stylist and Lead Colorist

GayLynn decided to become a hairdresser as a small child. Her inspiration was her grandmother back in Texas who was a hairdresser during the Depression and told her “men will always have a buck for beer and women will always have a buck to get their hair done”. A people-person at heart, GayLynn (who we fondly call “Knuckles”), loves the fascinating people she meets. She spent time as a color educator for a major manufacturer and can correct any kind of color disaster her clients bring to her. Hair color is a deeply involved chemical process and not to be tried by amateurs! She equates her success with keeping her heart and eyes open and her mouth politely closed. GayLynn enjoys exploring wine country, the Oregon Coast and lighthouses. An avid reader and a bit of a movie critic makes for an interesting time for her clients and team. GayLynn found a late-in-life love who has turned her life into a bit of a party which is good for Ol’ Knuckles.


Chief Nail Designer

Gwen was drawn to her profession from doing her own nails as a teen and enjoying it. She won’t tell you this but Gwen is a very meticulous person with an insane eye for small details. Making people feel good motivates Gwen to give her clients an outstanding experience and a beautiful result they can be proud of that will last until their next visit. She is known for her natural-looking results. Gwen loves running ideas and thoughts by her clients and team-mates. Gwen loves a good sweet (hint hint) and is an avid gardener and likes to share this with her Fur Babies…both her dog and her cat are quite the pest control agents. She works out almost Every. Single. Day.

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